The Aim of the Foundation


Take a minute to think about the part sport has played in your life?

For many of us growing up it was taken for granted that we could take part in the school cricket, rugby, or football teams. As young people many of us had the opportunity to join clubs and play team sports or enjoy solo sports like Boxing, or Athletics. Even solo sports are normally within a club framework, providing comradeship, and the opportunity to develop social skills. Team sports particularly are shown to play vital roles in the development of young people, teaching valuable life skills and creating friendships that we take into our adult and working lives.


Sadly, not every young person gets these chances.

Those living in difficult, and, or troubled social circumstances, and, or those living in financial hardship often face barriers that  prevent them from having the same opportunities that most of us take for granted.


The Lillywhite Foundation looks to support projects that help young people.

Our regular fund raising lunches, dinners, and other events are designed to raise funds to support projects that help young people in these circumstances and any donation, no matter what size, can help to change some young peoples lives for the better.

Fund Raising & Events


Regular Sporting Lunches

The Foundation held its first fund raising lunch in May 2017 where the legendary Ossie Ardiles was joined by his long time friend Ricardo Villa. The two 1978 World Cup winners, were the guest speakers at the Lillywhite Foundation lunch, and generously gave their time to  entertain the packed crowd with a wonderful Q&A. 

Foundation Patron & supporter Paul Coyte was the brilliant "man on the mic", and our thanks as ever to all at UTP for helping to make the event such a success.

Worthy causes that the Foundation could support? 

Do you know of a project or worthy cause that the Foundation could support or assist with? Want to make a donation, or have a Fund Raising idea?

Then we really want to hear from you. 

Contact us at 

Upcoming Events

You can find details of our regular Fund Raising events with our partners at Under The Posts by visiting