Football Prediction League

Our World famous game (in our world anyway) now in its 6th season. Predict the scores in the Premier League for the season and see if you can beat our former pro sportsmen from the world of Football & Cricket, and sports broadcaster - between them they've won a football World Cup, The Ashes, FA Cups, UEFA Cups, managed Premier League teams, the England football team and the  England cricket team, and Sony broadcasting awards ... what they dont know about winning and sports you could write on a stamp so pit your skills against the best.  Will it be a Radio host, Cricketer or Footballer picking up the prize next May, or one of us mere mortals.  Whoever comes out on top it's about having fun, banter, and of course raising valuable funds for the Lillywhite Foundation to continue to assist children in difficult circumstances.


2020 league table round 4 (pdf)